Find Out the Role of Neurology Specialists Here

Neurology specialists are specialists in diagnosing and treating diseases related to the nervous system, including the brain, muscles, peripheral nerves, and spinal nerves. Before becoming a neurology specialist, a doctor must complete a specialized education in neurology. In general, neurology specialists can be divided into two according to the treatment methods provided, namely neurosurgeons and neurologists who handle neurological diseases with non-surgical methods. To become a neurosurgeon, usually a doctor must undergo a neurosurgency residency education of at least 6 years after graduating from general medical school. The length of education is what makes neurosurgeons still very rare in some countries, including in Indonesia. Field of Neurology In the medical world itself, the field of work of neurology specialists can be divided into eight subspecialties. Specialists who have studied subspecialty education are called consultants. This division of the field of neurology
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